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10 Questions with ... Jeremy Robinson

Please outline your radio career so far:
KBEC-A (1390) Weekends - 1997-2013
KPLX ( 99.5 THE WOLF) NiteWolf Host - 1997-2005
KTYS (96.7) - Midday and Night Host - 2005-2007
KSCS (96.3) - Midday and Night Host - 2007-2009
ABC Radio Network - Syndicated in over 130 markets - 2009-2011
“Taste Of Country Nights” - Creator And Syndicated Host - 2011-2013
JPR Entertainment - 2013-Current

Some of our contracts include
WLKI (100.3) - Morning Host - (Current)
KBXL (99.5) - Night Host - (Current)
KZUH (92.7) - Midday Host - (Current)
WQLV (98.9) - Afternoon Host - (Current)
KZRS (107.9) - Overnight Host - (Current)
WBET (99.3) - Overnight Host - (Current)

1. What Got You Interested In Radio?
Our local radio celebrity lived two doors down from my grandparents! I can't tell you how many hours I sat in the front yard staring at the home that housed such a cool man that got to speak to people on the radio. I never imagined after a brief tour my grandfather set up for me with him would turn into this 20 year love affair I have with this business and the home I spent so many hours looking at is now my own.

2. Who do you consider your radio mentors?
People who work hard, don’t play games, keep their eye on the ball and a manager that doesn't allow the "tail to wag the dog"

3. Please tell us how you found this niche to become a Network On-Air personality and launch JRP Entertainment?
I love radio and love providing a PD and station with something unique and exciting. I have been blessed to be in market #5 my entire career and serve over 200 affiliates in my time of being a syndicated radio host. I wanted to provide a station with the option of having a host with tons of experience and a proven track record of success without having to have a contract or big salary.

4. You work in many formats from Hot AC to Country. How do you customize your show for the various formats and stations that you work for?
This is very important to me. It is literally no different than me being down the hall from you. The system we have in place at JPR Entertainment allows us to use your automation system as if I was sitting in your studio. It's your music, spots, beds, weather, local content and anything you expect your jock to be talking about is what I deliver. Technology has made it possible for me to work hard for more than one station at a time.

5. What do you view as the most important issue facing radio today?
It is very interesting to see these companies feel they can put little into their product, their people or their brand yet expect to yield maximum results. That doesn't happen in the real world and it's not working in radio.

6. How are you using social media to market your show?
I use it daily! This is just another way to get closer to our audience and use this technology to push them to different limbs of our brand. It's about building relationships and super serving your audience in a way your competition can't. If you don't care about them … they won't care about you. Connect, listen and deliver!

7. What is the most rewarding promotion or activity your company has ever been involved with to benefit the community or a charity?
I am very big on being a part of any station I provide either a live or voice tracked show. The Jeremy Show is on in the morning live on 100.3 WLKI, and every year the station hosts a "pie" auction to benefit local children with little during the holiday season. They flew me in and we raised over 50,000 dollars in just a few short hours. I just love to see a community come together for the greater good of its people and watch the power of radio and community up-close!

8. What was the biggest gaffe you’ve made on air?
The station I was working for at the time was doing a “Big Ticket Blitz Weekend” and I unfortunately I said, “it’s a big T__.Weekend”. I must have looked like Casper the ghost for about a week.

9. Next month you celebrate 20 years in this crazy business … what advice would you give people just getting started?
Listen to your gut, don't forget to smile along the way and work harder than anyone else you have ever met!

10. What is the one truth that has held constant in your career?
Anything worthwhile takes effort, persistence and drive. If you are waiting on anyone else to help you advance in this career you are wasting valuable time.

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